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Stop Smoking; Dynamics of Pain and Pleasure

Cigarettes may have a thousand names, but their value is the same: they provide comfort and pleasure in the form of habit and ritual, and in the pleasurable and physically addictive form of nicotine. The key word here is Pleasure and Pain. No matter what it is, there is one constant behavior with us, as human beings:

“We all seek Pleasure, and strive to avoid Pain”

Being a Pleasure seeking, Pain avoiding machine, is fundamental to being a human being! We are truly creatures of comfort, and go to great lengths to avoid pain. This is true on both a conscience and sub-conscience level. So here is the situation. When you smoke, through both the habit and through the physical effects of nicotine, your brain is associating more pleasure with smoking than it would be for not smoking.  You are deriving pleasure from smoking, and avoiding the pain of quitting smoking, on both a conscience and sub-conscience level.

Watch and observe how you feel the next time you reach for a cigarette right before you are about to smoke. Notice the anticipation and the yearning for relief.  Also notice the yearning to avoid the pain that comes from the lack of nicotine.  So, no matter what you say to yourself, or no matter what kind of logic you try to apply, your brain will still associate pleasure from reaching for, and lighting up that cigarette in anticipation for nicotine.

This dynamic is also true in other areas of our lives; exercise, diet, quitting smoking, stopping alcohol, drugs, even thing that we want to accomplish in our life like writing a book, or quitting the job we hate.  They all require some level of ‘perceived’ self-inflicted pain and/or suffering in order to quit, change or accomplish.  As it relates to quitting cigarettes we associate it as giving up something that has given us some form of pleasure, and will mean some form of pain if we give it up.

“As long as you see smoking as a way to gain pleasure, and avoid pain…

You will continue to smoke”

The good news is that once you get a grip on this dynamic, that is true for all of us, you can use it to your advantage to stop smoking permanently!  The ticket is the unconscious association and/or relationship you have with cigarettes. Some say that the best method is cold turkey. That may be fine for some, but personally I did not want to subject myself to that level of pain. With that said, I also did not want to substitute smoking for something else, such as food or stress!

We actually can choose what we link pain and pleasure to. The ultimate secret if you want to quit smoking on a permanent basis, you have to link pain to smoking cigarettes and a great amount of pleasure in not smoking cigarettes! This reconditioning will set you free from cigarette smoking forever.

Learning to use pain and pleasure will free you from having to rely on willpower. When you try to quit smoking by strictly using willpower, you are trying to consciously stay away from something you still see as pleasurable, and the process is extremely painful and difficult. As long as your brain perceives smoking as being pleasurable, a strong temptation will always be there.

It then basically boils down to one of two solutions: Cold (painful) Turkey, or gently recondition the behavior as it translates to pleasure. The key here is to become educated on the various techniques that incorporate the dynamics of altering pleasurable behavior.

Become Educated; It’s the Key to Lasting Success!

By Eric Trager,

Author and publisher of Three Steps to Freedom.

The Vehicle Window Problems

Many people said that having a car or any type of vehicle means you have to be ready to put extra fund to provide unexpected maintenance for the car. The unexpected maintenance for your car can be various, but the most unexpected is repairing the windows because most people are taking the windows for granted. They think that wipe and clean the car window with car window solution every day is enough, but what they forget is the motor of the power window where it might damage due to various reasons. The problem that you have to think about is finding the appropriate window repairing service that able to provide you with high quality service as well as high quality window spare part.

Unfortunately, not all window repairing services are able to provide you with the high quality service and window spare parts. What makes the window repair service different especially when they focus their service on power window repair service is the ability to identify the window problems which usually caused by several factors such as the power window motor, the wiring, the switches, and many others. In term of price, most customers and clients are willing to pay above the average rate as long as the repairing service and the window spare parts are in high quality.

Another reason why this particular window repairing service is different from other similar businesses is their ability to provide other services like the door lock actuator, the power seats, door handle replacements, auto glass replacement, sunroof repair, and many more. They have 24/7 emergency service in case you need them in urgent condition and you can also contact the customer service number to consult any window problems that you have. If you contact this window repair service, get the 10% price discount and you do not have to deliver your car because responsive team of window repair service is going to visit you.

Original Russian Caviar

What do you know about caviar? One thing for sure, this type of food is considered as high class and expensive food item, especially when you are eating the original and real caviar. Do you know how much money you have to spend to buy original Russian caviar? You can check the golden caviar price online because the original Russian caviar is currently available online and the term original refers to the official website which written in Russia.

To help you understand the Russian website for original caviar, there are so many types of caviar and the reason why there are so many types of caviar is because different quality of caviar has different price and taste. The caviar de beluga for example, it is perfect for appetizer menus or starter because it cleanse your pallet and taste buds. What makes the Russian caviar has the best quality?

Another reason why the caviar from Russia has the best quality and excellent price is the natural condition where the fish grow is still wild with so minimum human intervention and involvement. The black sea caviar is manufactured without any additional preservatives and that is why this type of caviar is offering high-grade granular caviar.

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